HDMT.net = gone

Sajten, som erbjöd strömmande video i form av massvis med film och serier, ber nu meddela att de stängt ner och kommer troligen att öppna inom en snar framtid. Själv är jag lite skeptiskt till detta då jag inte riktigt förstår HUR de kunde ta betalt för tjänsten?
Meddelandet på hemsidan berättar i alla fall:


We appreciate your concern and support in trial run period of HDMT.NET. Due that our servers fail to offer services caused by too many visitors. We have to close HDMT.NET for now. In trial run period, we received many bug reports and suggestions for improvement, we will reconfigure our system accordingly to provide members with better streaming service. HDMT.NET. will be reopened very soon and stream to loggined registered members only to prevent from link stealing which is plaguing our streaming server. Now you can register an account and leave your email address, and we will send a message to you when our site reopened.
Thank you!


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